"Home Staging" means Real Estate Valuation

If you have property for lease or to sell, know how to monetize your business through the enhancement of their property, the difference with the competition.

Based on the American concept "home staging", the Design & amp; Works helps you to monetize their real estate maximizing their potential.

The concept is exactly prepare the property for it to purchase or lease faster a um best price, as minimum investment.

The properties entered into the Home Staging concept, get a appreciation of 7-10% and its sale or lease is 2-3 times faster.

The aim is with the minimum investment to get maximum results.

It is aimed at anyone who wants to enhance a property:

. Individuals (for sale / rent faster and at a higher price than the market average)
. Real estate agents (to make your product more competitive in the market)
. Lessors of vacation spaces (to offer the most desirable spaces).
. Property developers (creating an attractive environment capable of dreaming).
. Real estate investors (for faster return on your investment).

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