Sala J&S

Project Description,pt

The family asked us to help change the room, wanted to transform it into a beautiful and cozy atmosphere, just changing the decor.

Our work has to change the layout of the same in order to give this space a greater comfort.

In partnership with Green Lettuce store, we suggest new elements such as the sofa Chaise longue, chairs, carpet, lamps, curtains and decor rest.

Semitransparent curtains to let in the light in the room and at the same time give you privacy, neutral tones in general and a color dash in high chairs.

The room is now a comfortable space to relax that also meets the functional requirements of day-to-day.

  • Painting walls and ceiling;
  • lamps;
  • Deckchair;
  • curtains;
  • Carpet;
  • Decoration.