Our work process

Tornamos as decisões do seu projeto fáceisss

With Design & Obrasit will be easier to do the work that you wish to do for so long

  • After your contact, will be scheduled our technician visit to understand your needs in detail as well as to survey the intervention space.
  • Following it will be the presentation of our proposal with the 3D space simulation of the intervention space and a detailed budget.
  • After the presentation of the proposal, follows an exchange of feedback between the client and the professional staff who made it, in order to improve the final solution for the project.
  • In case of positive response from the client, we will move forward with the project, keeping a line of communication between the client and the responsible of Design & Obras.
  • Your work will be planned by our team with all the rigor, fulfilling work deadlines and budget agreed

All the works are performed by professionals, with our technician’s inspections to guarantee that work execution will match the design approved by the client. Visit our portfolio and see.